The best-known model of the company after the Chronomat is the Navitimer with built-in slide rule, developed in 1952. 

In 1986 a new edition was brought to market. This wrist chronograph is unique in its ability to achieve correct air traffic control, thus it can replace an on-board instrument. With its helpful time measurement, you can perform speed calculations and measurement of fuel consumption. The Navitimer is chosen as the official pilot's watch by the pilot union AOPA, whose logo adorns the first models.

In 1962 Breitling developed the Cosmonaute, which was worn by the astronaut Scott Carpenter during his space mission with the Aurora 7 capsule on 24 May 1962. This watch has a 24 hour dial.

Today Breitling produces  five main ranges of watches:

  1. Navitimer — which has two series
  • Navitimer
  • Montbrillant


  • Windrider — with one well-known model
  • Chronomat and its numerous relatives; apart from the Navitimer models all the Breitling pilot's watches are in this range.

    • Aeromarine — diving watches, including the well-known models
    • Avenger
    • Colt
    • SuperOcean
    • Professional — smaller series with professionally orientated models, e.g. with the
    • Expedition watch Emergency and the
    • Skyracer chronograph.


  • Breitling for Bentley

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